5 Reason to buy Audi Q3

For Indians buying luxury brands is an onerous agreement. Glimpse of a star, some rings or a blue propeller on the road arouses a natural question “Why all luxury brands charge this high for their product?” and it’s really tough for me to give a satisfactory explanation because only by having sound technical knowledge about automobiles or by going behind the wheel will justify their pricing. And if one is thinking for up gradation, I would suggest going for Audi Q3.

As the current market is running on crossovers which is truly a wise full decision Q3 is the entry-level luxury crossover from Audi which placate Audi’s truth in engineering. Q3 has its competitors in form of BMW X1, Mercedes GLA. Though these brands are known for their quality but Q3 offers more. Let’s make it simpler by doing some integration. I will tell you the 5 reasons why to choose Q3.


Q3 is a balanced machine sitting over a monocoque body. Compiling the comfort of a sedan and the SUV glance makes it stand off from the line. She’s crowned with Quattro on her matt black hexagonal grill.

Audi’s Quattro system keeps you positioned on the tarmac even on steep curves. Emitting understeer on sharps and takes you out from the snow bumps by throwing required power to each wheel. While the Q3 is taller than many cars, it’s not that tall — just 5.2 feet in height. In length, the 14.4-foot-long Q3 is a full foot shorter than a Honda Civic, which leaves some space for your kid bicycle even your Q3 sits in the garage.


Just like her siblings, Q3 has the astonishing interior. All black leather flatted on the dash with highlighted chrome insert on the control panel eases the mind after a hectic schedule. The three spoke steering wheels will keep your hand commanded during the move. All models get climate control, plus a proper phone and iPod interface. There’s a comms and entertainment screen, which also displays the sat nav if you’ve ticked that box.


Q3 carries 30 TFSI petrol and 30 TDI diesel engine under the hood. 35 TDI diesel is also available with Quattro badge which is more fun to drive.

By throwing power of 148 bhp @ 5000 RPM and torque of  250 Nm @ 1500 RPM to its front wheel by returning 16 km/l 30 TFSI is truly power full petrol machine priced at ₹ 32.50 Lakhs. Following the pattern, 35 TDI comes with the maximum power of 150 bhp @ 3500 RPM and immense torque of 340 Nm @ 1750 RPM as per ARAI 18km/l is the mileage with a price tag of ₹ 33.75 Lakhs.

The 35 TDI Quattro is the more fun to drive as its four wheel power integration, plays with the 184 bhp @ 3500 RPM diesel engine thrusting maximum torque of 380 Nm @ 1750 RPM.


With the bunch of cubby holders and smartly designed dash carries lots of bottle and the electronics. Its 460 liters boot is enough for the luggage.


McPherson spring strut type axle with lower wishbones and aluminum sub frame keeps you cushioned on every bump. 17 inches Alloy adds luster to its design and with five stars NCAP safety certificate gives sit back attitude the passengers.


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