Audi A3 5 reasons to buy

Everyone desires to adorn their garage with four sets of a luxury car and by owning four rings would be the best move. ‘Vorsprung Durch Technik’ these three German words is Audi’s slogan which means “Advancement through Technology” and the stunning Audi A3 stand firmly with the slogan. A3 is the newest breed of premium luxury entry level cars and bridge the gap between funky affordable hatchbacks and bigger traditional sedans. Being the junior one among its sibling, A3 cater the exceptional performance and efficiency with 35 TDI and 35TFSI engine options mated under the bonnet. Explicit fun and luxury are delivered behind the wheel just like her siblings without any complication.

With compact and sportier dynamic A3 has so perfectly tailored herself that makes your head turn. The car is so precisely priced with her astonishing features makes you an astute investor and below five reasons will certify the above saying.


The genes of ‘Vorsprung Durch Technik’ in A3 characterized the head turning car with its coupé-like roof contour and specially wedge-shaped design lines accord the vehicles’ pronounced forward-moving stance. An impression that the compact dimensions accentuate even further.. With the matt black trapezium styling front grill and the stretched bolder line from shoulder to bonnet is the perfect blend of stylish appeal, sensible practicality and fun dynamics. The extended spoiler on the boot and curves on the body is remarkably aerodynamics that allows high speed turning on every corner without cutting the pace.

The tidy black leather dash carries turbine like AC vents, a 17.78 cm electrically popping multimedia screen with tons of information and ideally placed soft touch buttons. Milano leather seats and flat bottom steering wheel with easy reading dials are some of the add-ons to the A3 interior.


A3 grant refined maximum power of [email protected] along with maximum torque of [email protected] with its 2.0-litre 16V TDI Diesel engine engaging between 6-speed S Tronic dual clutch automatic transmission and [email protected] of maximum power and maximum torque of [email protected] from 1.4-litre 16V TFSI Petrol engine which runs on 7-speed S Tronic dual clutch S Tronic automatic transmission.

35 TDI diesel machine gives admirable power that a diesel engine can. A3 validate 20 km/l on diesel and 19.2 km/l efficiency by extracting energy while braking to the battery with her Recuperation technology and Cylinder on demand technology makes two of the four TFSI engine’s cylinders which shut down automatically under partial-load condition.


A3’s lighting technology is dipped with a single light conductor which looks over the high beam, daytime running lights, sidelights and turn signals depicts sensibility of the driver.

The xenon headlights glare the road with every detailing and cleared back lights turn on smartly sensing emergency stop.

Get your phone charged by just dropping it in the wireless charging box. With four speakers and an amplifier in the boot, A3 surround the exemplary music in the cabin. A3’s is the best place to be during hot summers as the dual-zone electronic climate control smartly senses the sunlight which regulates the air temperature, air flow rate and air distribution.


Audi parking system plus, front and rear with the selective display adding rear camera view parks A3 without annoyance.

By the flick of a button retractable rear seat provides 880-litres boot from regular 425-litres. Relaxing seating position and rear AC vents keep the passengers comfy.


The Audi A3 has been voted World Car of the Year 2014 by journalists from 22 countries and NCAP certified A3 with 5-stars because the front, head and knee airbags protect the occupants during a collision. The electronic stabilization control and anti-slip regulation tackle every hazardous condition.

Rest recommendation system analyzes driving behavior based on steering, pedals and gear lever movements. If the system detects a change in driving patterns it can, via audio and visual effects, notify the driver of the possible need to take a break.

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