Audi A6 5 reasons to buy

The four rings of Audi symbolizes the amalgamation of four independent motor-vehicle manufacturers ‘Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer’ in 1932 which changed the era of the automotive world, since then Audi have preserved their innovative attitude and recently launched Audi A6 matrix is a perfect set example. This car only talks about its handsomeness, technology and practicality.

Here is 5 brief acquisitions about A6 which justifies the car remark.

Comfort Agenda

Let the world wait would be the first stroke to you after placing on the Audi A6 back seat. Here you get four-zone digitally controlled air-conditioning by which sets the individual temperature for all four. By the push of a button co-passenger seats move forward that guaranties arrive at the other end feeling a whole lot more relaxed.

The armrest carries a multimedia remote which lets the electronic works at every move of your finger. Larger and appealingly window gives an incomparable view of the world. The adaptive Air-suspension sets accordingly the drive to hitch the bumpy roads and India’s iconic potholes for more cushion and dynamic ride that you can tell the speed by noise alone.


A6 is executive luxury car mostly handled by chauffeurs. And here the driver will not get envious by the rear seat comfort as he can score maximum 190 bhp from the 2.0L engine throwing maximum 400nm of torque by the press of feet. The 7-speed S- Tronic dual clutch auto transmission shifts unknowingly to read 0-100 in 7.9 seconds returning 18.5 km per liter.


A6 S-line design is evolutionary than revolutionary. Visionary design and technical highlights are impressive. Audi’s matrix lighting technology scans the road with its camera which sets the 19 small light-emitting diodes to detect the oncoming traffic and pedestrian illuminating intelligently. The single framed front grill is full of aggression placing elegant headlights on the either side. The gorgeously dynamic turn indicators complete A3 from front to back.

The A3 exterior tracks attention, its interior will sweep you off your feet. The universe wood finish high-quality cabin carries 18-inch display powering Audi’s MMI technology make it go away with the press of a button. 14 speaker adjoining 600W Bose hi-fi system surrounds the cabin compromising pleasant effect.


Terr is human, so with arsenal of high-tech safety features  like  8-Airbags, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Stabilisation Control (ESC) and Audi Pre Sense Basic for a safer drive where you safely enclosed in the lap of  luxury  in the back seat of A6.

Best Among the Rivals

Audi A6 is available with costs of Rs 49.50 Lakhs which comes with tech loaded and mentioned features, as its the roomiest among the rivals ‘Mercedes E-class’ and ‘BMW 5-series’. You get all world-class safety and comfort features at this price but the rivals will let you pay extra bucks to achieve Audi’s match. The E-class starts from Rs 50 Lakhs ending at 70 and 5 series demands more than Rs 49.90 Lakhs to reach Audi’s frame. And here where A6 is the first one to grab the ribbon on the finish line.


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